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Joy by Mary Mary



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Mary Mary- Joy

(written by Erica Atkins, Tina Atkins, Warryn Campbell, John Smith)
(recorded by Mary Mary)

I get joy, joy thinking about what Heís done for me.
I get joy, joy thinking about what Heís done for me.
Itís in my hands, my feet,
Iím talking about what Heís done for me.
I get joy just thinking about what Heís done for me.

Verse 1:
Oh how I wonder when my soul looks back,
how I ever made it through my sinful, wicked past.
I did everything that I thought I wanted
Ďtil it brought me down,
then God reached out to me.
so Iím here to tell you now


Verse 2:
Iíve seen the bottom of the mountain,
Iíve had my share of pain.
Iíve been through so many struggles,
I thought Iíd never breathe again.
So I prayed that God would help me,
I couldnít handle it no more,
then He lifted every burden
and thatís why I get joy.


I know what Heís done for me,
You donít know like I know,
what Heís done for me.
Iíve been talking about it.
what Heís done for me,
I can go.

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