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Hammond, Fred - I Want My Destiny
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I Want My Destiny by Fred Hammond



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Hammond, Fred - I Want My Destiny


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I Want My Destiny
(recorded by Fred Hammond & Radical For Christ)

Verse 1
Born to give my very best
to the One whose willingness to give His life.
He just says, yes, and hears the reason,
He saw me out there all alone.
So for my sins He did atone,
He purchased me I'm not my own,
I want to please Him.

So now I serve Him who brought me
and is able to keep me altogether;
in the presence of His glory
I found for my life.
His good and perfect purpose
for design to bring me to the place
where He has need of me,
so I want my destiny, come on!

Can't settle for half of
nothing short of what You made me
to be or want me to be,
'cause I want it all.
As I look around,
the time is now,
my life is telling me,
it's gotta be,
gotta be my destiny.

Verse 2
Not called to sit upon the shelf,
He did not die just for His health.
But with the time we have,
let's waste not all on selfish reasons,
but we must seek to please Him first,
find His will upon the Earth.
When they look back from death to birth,
they'll say they've seen Him.

So we must serve Him,
who brought us and is able
to keep us altogether.
In the presence of His glory,
we found for our lives,
His good and perfect purpose
of design to bring us to the place
where He needs us to be,
so we want our destiny.


Hold on, don't let go,
give up now and be jacked up for sure.
The journey is long and hard is the fight,
but we trust in the Lord
and the power of His might.

There's power in His word
and He's gonna see it through;
so keepin' the faith is what we gotta to do
to believe our God is more than able, able.

Fight the good fight,
as we press for the mark,
we push in that we obtain His favor.
So we will know and have true confidence
that the price of His call is much greater.
So if you really want your destiny to come,
say, I want it.

I want it,
receive it,
I need it,
the will of God for my life, yeah.

Gotta have it,
can't live without it,
no doubt about it,
the will of God for my life, yeah, yeah, yeah.Thank you for visiting AllGospelLyrics.com!

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