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Praise Him Through The Night by Fred Hammond



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(Written by Fred Hammond, Tommie Walker)

Verse 1:

The day has passed
And darkness comes to settle in, Ooh no oh
Confusion rolls in like a fog
And I cant see my way
Now doubt believes
It can make my faith seem paper thin, Ooh no oh
The peace and joy that I have known
Has been replaced


(This time)
This time with tears and sadness
The midnight for the day
Sorrow instead gladness
But with all that is in me
Ill still say

That I will praise Him through the night
And I will worship in the fight
Ill Praise Him forever
Because I know that Hes worthy
Praise Him over the adversary
Well overcome

Verse 2:
The wicked one
Whose fury runs with anger deep, oh oh oh oh
Destruction is his only goal
Against our side
With hatred strong
He demands we declare defeat, no oh
He says hes won
But we all know that hes a lie.

Channel 2:
When fear moves our foundation
(Just know that God)
Know that God has not forsaken
(He will bring)
Hell bring a brighter day
So let me hear the people of God say


Vamp A:
When the battle gets too much for me to take
Were gonna praise Him
When I cant see through the wind and rain
Were still gonna praise Him
Yes we will
In my darkest hour
Were gonna praise Him still
When its weary, dark and lifeless
Were gonna praise Him
When hope seems like its almost gone
Were still gonna praise Him yes we will
In my darkest hour
Were gonna praise Him still


Vamp B:
Well overcome when we praise Him
Well overcome, yes we will
Well overcome
Keep on praising
Well overcome
Praise Him forever
For I know that Hes worthy
Praise Him over the adversary
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